A Gardener in Sussex


Mike Lidbetter

Chief Gardener
(well, the only gardener)

Hey there, I’m Mike.

I’ve first had a love of gardening when I was 14/15. This was during school holidays. That first year, I didn’t start the garden until late May/early June. How late in the year is that! I didn’t know better at that point but I still managed to produce a reasonable garden packed full of flowers.

I’ve always had a passion for growing and propagating plants, from seed or cuttings, etc. So much so, I usually end up growing way too many plants! As the years have gone on, I’m still loving the garden – it’s blooming marvellous!

What’s this site about?

On this site, I will be giving hints and tips on gardening, doing some product reviews and showing my successes and failures. Hopefully it may encourage a few other people to get more of an interest in gardening by showing how interesting and fun it is – not forgetting that it can also be hard work.

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